You are free to do whatever you want to do, whether that’s becoming the most amazing practitioner, the best baker or running the best international bank. It starts here.

Ian Pitchford

Ian is extremely passionate about the belief that we ‘are all better than we know’. As an expert NLP trainer he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience that is instrumental in changing peoples’ outlook on life.

Keith Ovenden

Through his experience in many commercial sectors he can help people to apply NLP to their daily lives to enable goals to be achieved.Keith is a dedicated learning and development professional, striving to facilitate the best he can for all those he engages with.

Developing Me

We love helping people discover themselves, their true self. When we learn how we have come to form our decisions we are empowered to realise that they are our decisions to make and it is through our choices that we are who we are.

We have a series of interventions (scary word for sessions) aimed to get to the root cause of the things that may be holding you back. Life is colourful and we would like to help you help yourself to see it in High Definition!

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Courses & Training

We really enjoy delivering NLP training courses all over the UK and thankfully our wonderful network of trainees really enjoy our courses also!

We deliver the full spectrum of NLP courses, including NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Prac, and we have also developed our own flavour of Mastery courses for those who want that little extra.

Discover the difference that makes the difference, NLP training courses like no other provider in the UK.

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“I have learnt more about myself in 7 days than I have in a lifetime, the way the A Mind 4 Adventure team deliver training is literally out of this world”

Latest Courses

13th September 2014

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29th September 2014

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1st October 2014

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From the Blog

Is your calendar filled with barbeques you’d promised you would host this summer?
Is the idea of socialising often more appealing than the actual day?
Well if so, you’re not alone. Many people find that the stress and planning for a big party can bring on unwanted anxiety and ruin the actual occasion. 
Lots of us are either hosting parties or being invited to them. 
Although these occasions are usually a great excuse to enjoy the company of friends and families, occasionally anxiety and nerves can get the best of all of us.