We are a Coaching and NLP training provider based in Devon, delivering training and coaching throughout the UK and beyond.

Corona Virus Ready Coaching

We have adapted to delivering coaching and training online to help and support new and existing customers whilst the Corona Virus Pandemic is ongoing. 

We are able to deliver personal coaching via Zoom, or Skype as well as offering group based online facilitated training programs for organisations. 

If your teams are working from home and you want to provide coaching and support we are able to facilitate this. 

Get in touch to discover how this could work for you. 

NLP Courses & Training

Do you want to work utilising the power of NLP?  Do you want to become a life coach? Do you want to learn coaching skills that will make you more effective?

We deliver the full spectrum of NLP training courses, including NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, and we have also developed our own flavour of Mastery courses for those who want that little extra delivered by experienced NLP fully qualified trainers.

Discover the difference that makes the difference, NLP training courses like no other provider in the UK.

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Ian Pitchford

Ian is extremely passionate about the belief that we ‘are all better than we know’. As an expert NLP trainer he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Working with you on a 1 to 1 basis or delivering NLP training courses. Book a 1 to 1 session today

“I have learnt more about myself in 7 days than I have in a lifetime, the way the A Mind 4 Adventure team deliver training is literally out of this world”

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From the Blog

“Life has no meaning, life is an opportunity to create meaning. Meaning is not to be discovered, it has to be created. “ Osho

Have we got it all wrong? Is our relationship with the ideas of life and death causing us to live in pain? This is a big question which may have a very simple answer. I am sure that this will not be one of my more popular articles, but it is something that I believe is worth exploring and a discussion that is worth having with whomever wants to consider these ideas.