Choosing the right coach for you

You have it within you to totally transform the world around you and thus create the life you want and desire. What you maybe are not aware of are the variety of tools and resources that are out there to support you and your future, one being personal coaching. Once you have begun on your journey of transforming the way in which you think and feel you will never look back. Often we just need to give ourselves the time and space to unravel.

Finding a great life coach that you connect with and trust can be an amazing stepping stone towards your goals and future. A life coach should give you the opportunity to discover what it is you need, want and desire. We each are totally unique and have all lead totally unique lives. A great life coach will create the space you need and help you to arrive at your answer to make the relevant changes. 

If you have experienced coaching before you should ask yourself the question below from time to time.

Are you really being coached or are you being steered towards someone else’s life goals?

A life coach should never give you the answer as this is them putting their thoughts and feelings across and responding for you. Remember everyone has a different model of the world, so you cannot live by anyone else's answers, thoughts or ideas, not even your coaches ideals, models or desires (as fantastic as they may be!). 

When undertaking coaching, If at any time during the session you don’t feel you are coming up with your own answers you are probably being steered towards and outcome. This will possibly result in some short term satisfaction, but a shock when you arrive back at the place you started. It is from within you that the answers to your happiness lay. A great life coach will know this and help you to arrive at them. Do your home work choosing a life coach and don’t be afraid to try someone else if you aren’t getting the results you desire. 

If you are ready to discover your desires and figure out how you are going to achieve it, get in touch today with one of our person led coaches at A Mind 4 Adventure. They are ready to listen to you and help you to shape the way forward for YOUR future.