Glastonbury 2015 is calling

Congratulations to everyone that was lucky enough to purchase Glastonbury tickets last week and commiseration's for those who weren't lucky this year.

Glasto is a music packed thrill ride of a festival for most but the combination of lack of sleep and the odd to few may tipples could mean not so happy campers at some point over the festival.

Top tips for the best possible Glastonbury Festival experience:


Your most powerful tool. Steadying your breathing and regulate it, allow yourself to stay calm and simply let all your anxieties drift away.
These techniques can be used at any time. Maybe before you go into a crowded area, or main stage, possibly when putting up the tent and tempers are beginning to fray a little. 

Contract your tummy muscles

Simply breathe out, relax the stomach muscles then breathe in and draw the breathe deep into your body. Naturally this will slow your breath down.
Try to breathe in a 12 second cycle, so take a breathe in for 5 seconds, pause for 2 seconds, and then breathe out for 5 seconds.
Keep that going for a few minutes, breathe as deep into your body as you can and you’ll soon feel the stress start to drift

Widen your vision: 

Another key method of staying calm and being able fully absorb your surroundings is to widen your vision.  Sometimes when we’re anxious we can experience tunnel vision.
You can easily reverse this by focusing on a point, maybe a tree, a flag in the crowd, a particular tent on the hill side and then expanding your vision up to the sky and down to the ground.  
Then take a few seconds to expand left and right.
It will take a few cycles for those negative emotions you are experiencing or social anxiety to just drift away. Experience the most out of your Glastonbury festival, there is so much going on that you won't want to miss a thing. 


Take your time before hand to prepare and plan for your festival. Especially if this is your first one. Thinking about packing for all types of weather is a must. Being comfortable will help you enjoy every moment. Plan your money a head of time, maybe set a daily allowance. Staying well fed and hydrated is so important, so in between the partying make sure you drink plenty of water (sorry but beers and chips are not one of your 5 a day). Sleep, its a long festival so taking 40 winks where you can is a must, or if its tricky head of to the green fields and indulge in some meditation to give your body a chance to catch up. 

If you take time during your festival to breathe properly, regain your thoughts, expand your vision it will help your stresses disappear and stop any anxiety you may be feeling. Making for the best festival experience possible. 

To assist with breathing techniques download our Breathe Zone app available in the Apple Store.

Now you just need to consider, To welly or not to welly?