Home Schooling - How parents can use NLP principles

Being able to share your ideas in lots of different ways to your child is central to home schooling.

Your approach, learning style and emotional state management are all key to whether you can make it work for you and your family. 

When parents initially decide to take the step and home school their child, it can be an overwhelming set of choices. Which learning style to choose? How to deliver learning? What resources to use? Then there are schedules, fitting it in around your family life, grading and of course further learning to tackle. 

But actually, taking a step back and assessing your techniques as a teacher is just as important.
Staying peaceful, calm and relaxed is not easy when faced with an impatient child or a complete failure to communicate between you and your child. 

One moment you are mum or dad, and the next you need to be an informed geography teacher.
Maybe that argument you had over breakfast is still lingering. In other times, you would have gone to work after the school run, and after eight hours at work, you would have forgotten that debate about the cornflake incident, but now you are both confined at home together all day and it still lingers on. 

Focusing on what you want to achieve is so important in this situation. Leave behind what didn’t work yesterday and instead move toward focussing on what today can bring.
It’s about being clear about your goals, moving forward with them both daily and long term.

By taking part in an NLP course or personal development session you can perfect your communication skills, and work on the way your language can affect those around you. 

The way you teach using words, feelings and pictures is as unique to you as a fingerprint so you are not going to be like another home schooling parent, or the local school’s finest teacher. You bring your own set of skills and with that your own set of challenges. An investment in your time, to get help with your approach is fundamental to being able to home school your child to the level you want.