How to be a stress free host for your summer parties and barbeques

Is your calendar filled with barbeques you’d promised you would host this summer?
Is the idea of socialising often more appealing than the actual day?
Well if so, you’re not alone. Many people find that the stress and planning for a big party can bring on unwanted anxiety and ruin the actual occasion. 
Lots of us are either hosting parties or being invited to them. 
Although these occasions are usually a great excuse to enjoy the company of friends and families, occasionally anxiety and nerves can get the best of all of us.
Even little things like what you are going to wear, who you are going to meet or talk to is enough to send some of us into a downward spiral of anxiety.
To avoid getting overwhelmed and make sure your event goes without a hitch it’s time to get your own personal mantra and follow these top tips.

Breathing will get you through…

Breathing is one of the most powerful tools you have.
By steadying your breathing and regulating it, you can allow yourself to stay calm and simply let all your anxieties drift away.
Anyone who has ever taken part in meditation, yoga or Pilates will be used to this common technique - which, involves breathing from your stomach - also known as diaphragmatically breathing. 
These techniques can be used at any time, perhaps before you answer that doorbell, or as you go and light the barbeque waiting for your guests to arrive. 
To steady your breathing you must; 

  1. Contract your tummy muscles
  2. Simply breathe out, relax the stomach muscles then breathe in and draw the breathe deep into your body. Naturally this will slow your breath down.
  3. Try to breathe in a 12 second cycle, so take a breathe in for 5 seconds, pause for 2 seconds, and then breathe out for 5 seconds.
  4. Keep that going for a few minutes, breathe as deep into your body as you can and you’ll soon feel the stress start to drift away.

Widen your vision

Another key method of staying calm is to widen your peripheral vision. This might sound unusual but we’ve all been in those situations when a friend or colleague has to point out something we’ve been searching for and it turns out to be right in front of our noses. Well, that oddity has happened because when we’re anxious we tend to experience tunnel vision.
You can easily reverse this by focusing on a point, maybe a tree, your garden wall, your bookshelf, and then expanding your vision up to the ceiling and down to the floor. 
Then take a few seconds to expand left and right.
It will take a few cycles for those negative emotions you are experiencing or social anxiety to just drift away.
If you take time during the party to breathe properly, regain your thoughts, expand your vision it will help your stresses disappear and stop any anxiety you may be feeling.
To assist with breathing techniques download our Breathe Zone app available in the Apple Store.


  1. Plan ahead to limit anxiety leading up to the day and go through possible scenarios so you don’t end up with any surprises
  2. Remember to plan a relaxed day which doesn’t have to stick to a formal timed plan
  3. Have a safe space you can retreat to where you can catch two or three moments of calm.
  4. If you feel yourself becoming stressed focus on your breathing and using peripheral vision techniques.
  5. Give yourself a personal mantra to see you through the day – tell yourself ‘I am calm right now’ or ‘everything is going great’ and move away from any negative thoughts that you may be having.