Why dieting doesn't work

"A lot of us are caught in the story of ourselves - and that story can often be very negative."

Those are the wise words of mindfulness expert Dr. Jon Kabat-Zin.

And this statement is the perfect answer when people talk about self-image, and the need for dieting.

We have drifted so far from being comfortable in our own skin that quick two week fixes for diets, or dramatic no carb, no fat diets perhaps aren’t the answer to long term weight loss and happiness. 

But, there is no denying that signing up to expensive weight clubs - which promise you’ll leave the course looking like a super model – do work in the short term.

You may shed 10 pounds, feel and look great and fit into that unforgiving wedding outfit you’ve had your eye on.

But, after a few months the temptations are calling you, your exercise might wean off and you start feeling negative as soon as the weight piles back on.

And what do most people do in that situation? Eat more, yes that’s right, you take yourself out with for a fancy meal with friends to cheer yourself up end up and drinking far too much alcohol.

This endless cycle of yoyo dieting and negative body image is all too familiar for most of us.

And it’s not just a problem that women worry about. Latest figures show that in the UK only one in three men are a healthy weight.

And worryingly, one in four men and women in the UK are now considered obese

But, there’s a simply way you can change all of these problems for life.

It’s no quick fix, but it is life changing.

And the key is mindfulness.

It is about being in the present, being attentive to your body and reclaiming your life.

If you focus in the here and now, you can calmly acknowledge your feelings, thoughts and self-image and move towards a healthier you.

Instead of running away from that dreaded image of yourself looking overweight last month, run towards an image that will make your life fulfilled. A healthy, fit, active and energetic version of yourself.

It’s like those cruise TV adverts you see of that happy person, sipping cocktails as the sun sets on a distant shore. That can be you.

Working towards a goal is an NLP principle that will help you get the motivation you need.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by all the things you don’t want(and end up jeopardising the whole process) try instead of being motivated towards that new image of yourself.

With our NLP courses  from A Mind 4 Adventure we  train people that they are free to do whatever you want to do.

And once you’ve mastered this goal, who is to say you have to stop there. The same principles can be applied to stopping smoking, getting over a fear of flying or achieving professional success.