You are hypnotised every day – you just don’t know it

I am sure if you are looking at this then you have Googled hypnosis and the phrases associated with it. There is some interesting stuff out there, and not all of which we use in the world of hypnosis and hypnotherapy. People use it on a daily basis for helping people grow their self-esteem and to focus on achieving the stuff they want to do in life.

What is it all about?
These phrases are very often used interchangeably but the one thing that is really important to stress, in the way that A Mind 4 Adventure use hypnosis and hypnotherapy. There will be no one in our training rooms who will be barking like a dog or suddenly forgetting their own name or doing the sort of silly things that you may have seen for entertainment purposes. Often the concept of hypnosis is used in the entertainment arena.
For us, hypnotherapy and hypnosis is very much used as a powerful change paradigm – something that allows people to be able to focus on the things they want to do in life and allow people to be able to simply focus. People are able to see their goals, and be able to follow their heart’s desire. This might seem like quite a grand idea but it is not necessarily as grand as you might think. Quite often in life we can do one of these things – we can all get wrapped up in listening to ourselves. But sometimes we should actually stop that inner voice that whistles around and give ourselves the ability to talk to ourselves.
I have often thought about the world of Tom and Jerry. There was this one particular carton where Tom was laying fast asleep on his long grey tail, and Jerry was standing right behind him holding a large hammer. Just before Jerry decided to hammer down on Tom’s tail, there were these little flashes of smoke and behind his shoulder a version of him appeared – red, with horns and a mischievous voice saying ‘go on Jerry do it’. Then on the other side another angelic character appeared saying ‘no don’t do it’. Quite often in life there are lots of things we believe that we can or can’t do. I am sure at times when you are sat listening to this you can think of experiences in life when you can talk yourself into things or times you can talk yourself out of things.
It’s these relationships between our head and our heart that is the reason we feel most uncomfortable with the world. We always know when we have it exactly right when we hit one of life’s little sweet spots where we just know something makes sense and feels really good. Well, hypnotherapy is one of the ways we can achieve this.

We are hypnotised all day long
Most people are hypnotised many many times a day depending on whose definition of hypnosis you use and certainly we use quite a powerful one that was given to us by a gentleman called Milton Ericson. He was a powerful hypnotherapist from the 1960s. One of the things that he said and one of the ways he described hypnosis as the fixation of attention to the exclusion of all other things. It’s when we are paying attention to one idea, one concept. We are fixed on our thinking and our thoughts, to the exclusion of all other things.

So what does that mean for us?
When we have one of those moments when you are watching TV and your partner has to say to you two or three times before you break out of whatever you were watching so you can pay attention to them. You were simply fixed on the concept, on one idea. Imagine for a moment that the television programme you are watching is all about you. You achieving your goals, that programme you were watching on tv that you were fixated on without distraction, was actually all about you and what you could achieve in life.
Hypnotherapy is a powerful vehicle to allow people to simply focus. Very often in life we have lots of clutter going on, it’s interesting in life, even at times ourselves, we don’t really listen to ourselves. How many people do you know that you can have a conversation with but they aren’t really listening, because all they are doing is simply waiting to speak. They haven’t actually taken the time and the trouble to be able to pause, to listen, and place their thoughts and energy with you. There’s just something about what you’ve just said where they can’t wait to provide an answer about why you are right or wrong. Well sometimes we can be like that ourselves and the thoughts we follow. You can probably remember so many scenarios and ideas that whirl around in your head but you don’t have the ability to simply sit, read, pause and concentrate on one idea. Concentrate on the ability that you can and we will. How would it be to simply be able to sit in a space and turn off some of the clutter. Get rid of all the static and e able to focus on your thinking and start to believe in yourself.

So the courses we do at A Mind for Adventure are all certified by the American board of hypnotherapy. That sits very beautifully with our NLP courses and goes with timeline therapy. Hypnotherapy is a really powerful way of helping people to be able to focus on the thing they want.