Communication Training

This is fundamentally how you can learn to engage people in business. When we become aware of our language and how it can impact others we can use this to make our communications more potent. We have all had different experiences in our lives, and when we are aware how these experiences have shaped who you are today we can then be mindful that words have different meanings to others. 

So when you become aware of this you then get the most out of your staff  - which will enhance the way in which you engage in business. This can be particularly life changing if you work in sales or need build lasting business rapport with your customers and more importantly your team members. It’s been shown that 80% of communication is through body language and not through words - so NLP has a number of tools that will help you utilise your body language to gain rapport. 

Every session and experience tailors for individual needs so contact Ian to discuss the courses here.

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