ILM Accredited Learning

As an Accredited Centre of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) we can ensure that you or your organisation have an opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications in coaching, leadership, team working, and management through formal courses and endorsed awards.

We can offer a range of programme delivery solutions that best fit your needs and in particular we can combine your NLP qualifications with an ILM accredited Certificate at Level 3 or Certificate and Diploma at level 5. Alternatively you can complete all qualifications separately.

The ILM scheme equips coaches to develop their coaching portfolio in a professional environment and entails supervised coaching practice and on-going peer mentoring. Combining these qualifications with your NLP qualifications provides you with a powerful set of skills that enable you to operate at both ends of the coaching spectrum either in a more therapeutic setting or a performance coaching in business, sport or life.

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