Mindfulness is a phrase that is bounded around a lot lately and appears to have become very much the topic of the day in certain quarters. So what is it? And how can I do it? I am sure are some of the questions you might be asking yourself right now.
First of all, mindfulness simply involves paying attention “on purpose”, paying attention to the moment you are in and what you are experiencing right now. Mindfulness involves deliberately directing your awareness to pay attention to what you are involved in right now; and often mindfulness and awareness end up being used interchangeable terms. In order to be mindful I have to be purposefully aware of myself, not just vaguely and habitually aware and of this moment and not its connection to the past or its implications for the future.  Simply just right now.

At AM4A we run a variety of mindfulness courses from the more traditional weekly programmes to a bespoke mindful adventure. 

We can deliver mindfulness programs on a 1 to 1 basis or part of a group session. We also can develop a mindfulness program for you business. 

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