NLP Master Coach

7 Reasons why you should attend a certified NLP Master Coach Course:

  • NLP is the technology of coaching.
  • Learn how to help clients deal with ‘issues’ from their pasts which have prevented them making big changes in their future.
  • NLP Coaching utilises all the skills that an NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner has and gives them a clear structure to resolve past ‘problem issues’ first and then have a framework to coach them into their future.
  • This courses is ideal for existing practitioners who  you are looking for a career change into the coaching world.
  • Achieve better results coaching your children
  • Be a fabulous line Manager or business leader
  • Re-inforce you existing portfolio of offerings as a Coach

Certified Master NLP Coach - Certified by ABNLP

Delivered by Ian Pitchford, Master Trainer of NLP - Read Reviews from ANLP website

4 Days


Integrity at the Core of all we do

As all things in life there is a wide range of quality in the spectrum of NLP Training companies, which is why we have developed the “A Mind 4 Adventure - Quality Promise” a promise of quality assurance so that you can feel safe that you will receive only the highest quality training on our programs

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What is involved in NLP Master Coach course?

In this specific NLP course in NLP Coaching we look to utilise the NLP and Time Line Therapy®️  skill set to resolve past issues within the clients life before applying a structured approach to their coaching for the future.
NLP Coach and Master Coach course content exceeds that laid down by the ICF and the course is certified by the ABNLP.

Course Content

  • Coaching According To The Values Levels Thinking
  • What Are Values Levels (VL)
  • Values And Motivation Strategy
  • Where And How Would You Use Values In Coaching?
  • The Change State Indicator
  • Values Level Thinking
  • Values And Secondary Gain
  • Negative Emotions And Values LevelTransitions
  • Coaching According To The Thinking Values
  • “Creating Your Future®” Coaching Techniques
  • The Coaching Values Inventory

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.
- Leo Tolstoy

How we run the courses:

To be certified as an NLP Coach with the ABNLP you also have to hold certification as an NLP Practitioner and a Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®️.

So here is how you do it!

Firstly attend the following NLP Course : NLP Practitioner Course.

Once completed you can access the Time Line Therapy®️ Practitioner / NLP Coach and Hypnosis Practitioner Course. The one off cost of this course is currently £900.00 including VAT. The course is four days long and teaches the necessary skills of NLP Coach and Time Line Therapy®️. In addition you will also learn the skill of hypnosis up to Practitioner level.
You now have 4 certificates – NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy®️ Practitioner, Hypnosis Practitioner and NLP Coach.
You can THEN access the Masters NLP Course where you will be Certified as an NLP Master Coach, a Master Practitioner of NLP, a Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®️ and a Master Practitioner of Hypnosis.
Our courses designed to accommodate all learning styles and as such will include lecture, demonstration and opportunities to practice skills on a one to one basis.  They offer a unique mentorship scheme to help develop the skills of the coach. All our courses are delivered to a maximum of 12 people to enhance their learning experience and can be delivered from venues both in the UK and abroad.

Course Venues

All of our venues are hand selected by us to best suit the needs of our courses and the best environments for you to learn and engage in. Our residential courses run from anywhere between 2 days and 2 weeks and therefore the accommodation is always as amazing as the scenery and location that surrounds it. Most of our venues are located in or around Devon, Cornwall, and Somerset.

Dartington Hall

When life gets too busy, it is hard not to fully immerse yourself and relax in the evenings at Dartington Great Hall & Gardens. The venue has beautiful grounds that you can stroll around, finding a quiet corner to reflect.

The Edgemoor Hotel Bovey Tracey

Located right on the edge of Dartmoor National Park the countryside is beautiful and extremely tranquil. The garden is lovely and every room of the hotel is uniquely decorated and rich with it’s fantastic history as a Grammar School for boys. It’s also got a lovely bar and outside seating area to watch the sun go down in the evenings.

Mill Barn, Hope Cove

Relax and unwind at this stunning location just minutes from Hope Cove in South Hams. The venue is carefully selected for its facilities and location and is a wonderful place to learn.

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Certified Practitioner of NLP - Certified by ABNLP

Delivered by Ian Pitchford, NLP Trainer - Read Reviews from ANLP website

4 Days

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