NLP Practitioner Reloaded

Have you done your NLP Practitioner Course with another provider and want to know what all the fuss is about with the A Mind 4 Adventure Prac Course?  

Did you undertake your NLP Practitioner course a few years ago and havent had the chance to practice your skills?

Did your NLP practitioner training not cover all the areas that you hoped it would and have heard that A Mind 4 Adventure courses do cover?

If the answer if yes to any of the above then the A Mind 4 Adventure NLP Prac Course reloaded will be right up your street.

Learn from the very best trainers of NLP in the UK, for a very different feel and application of NLP skills to traditional NLP training courses. Unlike a lot of NLP training providers our traininers also actively work with clients one to one applying NLP principles which helps give a better understanding when teaching others.

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