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Are there things that are holding you back in your game or sport? Are thee times when you think I could do this so much better but there’s something holding you back. By truly understanding how your brain works you can gain efficiencies in performance that make you at the top of your game. Great sportsman utilise that power of the mind to prepare them for the game. Such stars such as Jonny Wilkinson, David Beckham have harnessed these skills and seen the results. It could be a confidence related issue, it could be getting the edge that you were lost when you were a youth athlete.

With sportsman at the top end of the field getting that 1% extra performance at a pro level it can be the difference that makes the difference. Our sports focussed solutions use NLP and performance coaching interventions to help you perform at peak performance. Depending on your sport and your individual needs we can develop a program that will ensure you are at the top of your game and beyond.

Every session and experience tailors for individual needs so contact Ian or Keith to discuss the courses here.



Climber reaps benefits of ‘awesome’ NLP personal coaching session

For the Exeter Deep Water Soloing event, we carried out a number of personal coaching sessions for the professional climbers taking part. 
The idea is for climbers to get into the right mindset before their climb in order to achieve their ultimate goal.

Climber Tom Newberry, aged 25 from Devon, took part in a session four days before the event and described the experience as ‘awesome’. 

This is what he had to say after his first session

“Thanks Ian for an awesome session last night, was a really eye opener and must have put me in to a good mindset as I had a great session after. I can't wait to start employing some of the techniques and reap the benefits. 
I would definitely recommend it to other climbers and its something I will do again.”

Tom said the session was especially good for identifying the key areas to focus on. He said that Ian gave him techniques about how to change his mindset to use in his own favour. He said that changing his mindset is something he’d always wanted to do but didn’t know any techniques to help with it and find that ‘right place’. 

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