Practitioner Course Package

Do you sometimes feel as though you are not being effective as a coach or a leader?

Are you at a crossroads in your career and would like to gain some clarity around what direction to travel in?

Would you like to be able to more effectively communicate and share your expertise with the personal and professional communities which you are part of?

An AM4A NLP course is a professionally recognised accredited personal development course that will allow you to take some time and enhance your relationship with yourself.  

It will allow you to better discover your inner Mojo giving you clarity and allowing you to move forward in life at speed in your chosen direction.

Completing NLP Practitioner or NLP Coach training will allow you to say goodbye to some of the traits of the past.

Do you want to Go through Life or Grow through life?
Eric Butterworth 

We have an amazing opportunity for you to join us on our next Accredited NLP Practitioner course this November.

If you book NLP Practitioner training before the 10 October, we are currently offering a special development offer, to include, the enhanced NLP Coach training.  

So, what will you get:

NLP Practitioner training

2 x 1-1 personal development coaching session with an accredited NLP Master Coach

NLP Coach training 

This means that the personal development coaching sessions and the NLP Coach training are a bonus.

All this for £1500 when you book now or before the 10 October

Ian is an exceptionally talented trainer and coach he embodies the personal growth and development philosophy he shares on all his courses.  With over 20 years experience in an array of Leadership and Coaching roles he shares the depth of his experience to make NLP Practitioner and Coach training one of the best experiences of personal development you can have.


Ian is an amazing coach, teacher and speaker, I have been truly inspired from my time spent with Ian and look forward to doing so again in the future.


Ian's methodology is so much more than to assimilate the information needed for each level, he challenges and facilitates your own personal development journey as you navigate your way through the various practices.


Ian is a true professional and I would not hesitate to recommend Ian and A Mind 4 Adventure if you are thinking about NLP.  I can honestly say the journey for me has been life changing.

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