Presenting and Platform skills

A Mind 4 Adventure presenting elegantly with NLP course will enable you to deliver the most effective and inspirational presentations that make lasting impressions. It will allow you to create rapport with groups of any size and make up instantly facilitating a great environment for learning, communication and personal development.

  • When you fully participate in our 'Presenting Elegantly with NLP' course, you will discover a whole new world of possibilities:
  • Benefit from the secrets of some of the very best presenters.
  • Discover how to immediately engage your audiences, maintain their interest throughout and instantly change their state
  • Find out how tailoring your material to individual learning styles can dramatically improve your public speaking abilities
  • Learn how appropriate use of physiology and gestures adds positive impact to your communication
  • Explore different ways to put energy into your presentation and into your audience!
  • Take away techniques to help you effectively, and unobtrusively, handle hecklers
  • Communicate more clearly using advanced NLP language patterns
  • Realise the benefits of making suggestions directly to the unconscious mind
  • Eliminate limiting beliefs you may have about your skill as a presenter
  • Develop the ability to use metaphor to get your message across

M4A embrace all learning styles; our training includes lectures, discussions, visual aids, individual and group exercises, feedback, and question and answer sessions.

Imagine how you will feel as you deliver your presentations armed with these new skills and abilities… Think how your confidence will grow once you share the secrets of some of the very best presenters, trainers and public speakers. When you effectively use language that is irresistible to the unconscious minds of your audience, you and your message come across as entertaining and interesting. Your audience will be positively motivated and you will create a lasting impression of professionalism.

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