Quality Promise

Not all NLP training companies are the same!  

As all things in life there is a wide range of quality in the spectrum of NLP Training companies, which is why we have developed the “A Mind 4 Adventure - Quality Promise” a promise of quality assurance so that you can feel safe that you will receive only the highest quality training on our programs. Our promise consists of...

ABNLP Accredited Courses -

Our courses are certified by the ABNLP the worlds largest organisation and the founders of Time Line Therapy. 

ANLP Accredited Trainers -

The ANLP are the UK’s governing body for NLP training. Our lead trainer Ian Pitchford is an Accredited Trainer Member and contributor to the ANLPs National Conferences. Ians profile and professional reviews can be found at...


A Mind 4 Adventure also have all their courses specifically accredited by the ANLP which is rare to find amongst other ANLP members. 

Endorsed by ILM -  

As part of AMind4Adventure's relationship with i2i Development Solutions Ltd together they are able to offer ILM Coaching and Mentoring qualifications alongside your NLP qualifications. For over 10 years i2i and AM4A have met the highest quality of training delivery standards to meet the ILM's rigorous requirements. Depending on your level of experience you can study for coaching and mentoring qualifications at Level 3, 5 and 7. 

Pre course learning requisites -

We require our trainees to undertake pre course learning activity in the form of listening to audio files and reading learning material relating to the course. This helps when you make the most of the practical element of the course so you can fully immerse your self in the experience to get the fullest of the potential benefit.  

Active Personal Development Coaches deliver training -

Did you know that only a handful of trainers that do their NLP Training qualifications actually still deliver personal coaching sessions. We believe to be truly effective you need to practice and hone your skills so you have real world experience in the powerful change these tools and techniques can furnish, so we can then share experiential competency with our course attendees.  

Inspiring training locations -

Our courses are delivered in a variety of locations that will be functional as well as inspirational. One day could find you doing a hypnotherapy session on the beach and the next a breakthrough on a hillside, coupled with conventional training room activity for parts your experience on our courses will be unique.

Be wary of "national chain discount website warehouse” style NLP deals where you can do your NLP Practitioners course for £90 distance learning. If you are after the ticket only rather than to get the guided contact time you need to be an effective practitioner then we are definately not the provider for you. In the contrast if you want to be a highly effective practitioner and learn experientially and in a supported way to be the best you can be then you have found the right place. 

Looking outside of NLP to draw a comparison, If you were doing your driving test would you want the Instructor that just does enough to scrape you through the test or the instructor that makes you a safe competent driver that will enable you to cruise the roads safely and elegantly for the rest of your life?

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