Taster Day Intro Course

What a fabulous way to start on your NLP journey and come and find out what it is all about at one of our introduction or foundation sessions.

An introductory session is an afternoon of finding out what NLP is all about. What the real meaning is behind those 3 little letters, what you can do with it and how do you use it. You’ll gain a great insight into how you can encompass the aspects of NLP into what you do. The foundation sessions are a little longer and run for 2 whole days looking a little deeper into NLP. This is an amazing way of deciding is NLP for me and shall I attend the next NLP Practitioner training. We also have the ability to run these at your place so if you have a group of people that you would like to share this experience with then we can come to you to do it.

Give us a call on 01364 642587 or email directly to ian@amind4adventure.com or

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