What if you did

What if you could take control of your thoughts and feelings to achieve your dreams? For us these are not just strong words, but realistic if you harness the immense power of your mind. Some of the greatest executives in business today have taken control of their work goals by applying new skills gained by coming on our NLP courses. But NLP isn’t just for executives, it has been harnessed by a whole manner of different people, from frontline soldiers to working mums juggling their work/home balance. 

Take a moment to think of a time when you felt really on top of your game, work was great and home life was really enjoyable. A Mind 4 Adventure training courses and interventions help you achieve that sense more often and more consistently helping you to discover the tools to unlock a better and happier you. 
If you struggle to think of a time when you were on top of your game, this may because you have had a lifetime of running yourself down and telling yourself your not good enough, ask yourself the question, "Does this serve me to think like this?" If the answer to that is no, then get in touch to learn how to change your future for a new brighter one.

Everyone who has undertaken A Mind 4 Adventure training courses has discovered something new about themselves, managed to ditch issues that were holding them back and generally had a good spring clean! We love working with people and helping them to discover their inner potential, the process of self discovery and working on issues that are holding you back is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do in your lifetime.

“I did the course after leaving the Royal Marines and was able to use Elcas grant to pay for the course. It was nothing that I thought it would be because it was so much better. It helped my personal life far more than I thought it could ever and I left feel like I’d changed. It changed not only how I look at things but how I hope I’ll deal with future situations. Combined with the ILM level 5 coaching qualification I hope to go on and become a coach in the next few months.”

Gareth Witt, former marine, NLP Prac course - 2014

"After completing my NLP Prac course with A Mind 4 Adventure I feel like a new man, I think differently and have stopped blaming external factors when things go wrong in my workplace. The awareness of learning how the brain works has stopped me being hijacked by my emotions and helped me to understand that I can choose how I feel about events that happen. This alone has transformed my effectiveness at work and I feel more calm in general. Its spring boarded me into a new way of thinking that is second to none!"

R Mauger - NLP Prac course - Oct 2010